From a young age I gravitated heavily to design and the arts. I cultivated a healthy curiosity for understanding the way things work and how to use them to serve the world. Through the years I developed the skill sets needed to excel both formally and informally in photography, graphic design, music, painting, sculpture, film, and writing.

I obtained my BFA in photography at the University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, PA. in 2004. I was able to expand my palette in the arts to include various mediums, including: printmaking, illustration, stone carving, and liberal arts.

After years of working in photography and design, I discovered the field of Industrial design. I quickly became interested in its challenging nature. I enrolled in Philadelphia University in 2013, in order to obtain a Masters in Industrial Design. I graduated in 2015 with a focus in: design research, user based testing, physical prototyping, rendering, and C.A.D. My formal Industrial Design education and career represents the culmination of several of My skill sets.

When not in the studio, I enjoy: studying languages, yoga, meditation, physical activity, reading, travel, latin dance, music production, and spending time with friends and family.